Students of all learning abilities-WELCOME

Our program is built to INDIVIDUALIZE the reading and writing experience of our students, no matter their learning style, limitations or unique life circumstances. Whether your student is in general education, resource program or a self-contained classroom, they are welcomed here with enthusiasm. We are committed to our students. If you want to learn to read, we want to help you reach your individual capacity

SIMPLE LOW COST-Your child could be reading in a few weeks
$50/hour session (1 x week students)
$45/hour session (2 x week students)
$45/hour session (2 students from same household:1 x week)

You decide if you would like your student enrolled once a week or twice a week

Example: Once a week student x 4-week month= 50x4= $200 a month.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, life can quickly change in an instant. You can cancel your contract anytime for whatever reason. You can also PAUSE all services for a given time. We are here to help our families.
Let us know your unique situation. Clear communication is key.
NO FEES-No sign up fee. No enrollment fee. No annual fee. No cancellation fee. No random fees. Plain and simple. 

No fees. 

One-to-One Tutoring- Results! Results! Results!

We focus on the student's current reading level. We create a base, and grow, grow grow! Students quickly learn that reading was just a skill they needed to practice to improve. Our students build confidence through reading at their level and seamlessly increasing their level until they reach their goal. They receive phonics passages that can take them from kindergarten level up to whatever level they have the capacity to read. We are patient and flexible.


Contact us:

Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm


320 N E St. Suite 503

San Bernardino, CA 92401

909 - 520 - 3825 Phone